Finalmente saiu a ultima Lost Magazine com a tão esperada entrevista de Evi e Josh!

Transcrição da entrevista:

The ‘L’ Word
Love. Lust. Lost. Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway talk exclusively about the deep emotions that paradoxically unite and divide Kate and Sawyer…
Words: Tara DiLullo

Question: Lost’s fear factor is definitely on the increase, both in terms of the environment of the island, and the characters’ emotional challenges. What do you think Kate and Sawyer are most afraid of?
Evangeline Lilly: We’ve seen in their flashbacks – and on the island – that they are afraid of intimacy. They have avoided being social on the island to a very extreme degree. You saw Kate grab hold of Jack in the beginning and maintain the relationship there, but that came out of fear and her desperation to get off the island. Accidentally, she developed feelings for him. Initially, she wasn’t intending on going there with Jack. Kate wasn’t interested in relationships on the island and neither was Sawyer, which is why they became friends – they realized they had this commonality of avoiding intimacy.
Josh Holloway: At this point, a lot of strange, scary and out-of-the-ordinary things have been experienced by most, if not all, of the castaways. But Sawyer is most afraid of being vulnerable and actually caring about someone else. I have always felt that one of our show’s greatest strengths – that attracted so much of the audience – is the behavioral study of all these interesting characters. I think people find similarities between themselves and these characters in one way or another, in so many ways or so little ways and that is truly what makes people fall in love with Lost.

Q: What did you think about the way the Others have been developed?
EL: I really love the way they are humanizing the Others. They are taking them from a mythical place and showing us they are people, just like you and I. They maintain a theme that has been carried on from the very beginning of Lost right up until the episode we are shooing right now – that initially, we see people as a stereotype or generalize who they are. We first met Jin and thought he was a stereotypically abusive, controlling man, but we discover there is so much more to him than that. Kate is like the heroine of the story, who will need to be rescued… and then you find out she is a criminal. They have done the same thing with the Others.
JH: [The ‘Otherville’ scene in] the first episode of season three – wow, I liked that a lot! Not long after the opening scene, to show the audience that the Others’ community is in fact within the island was cool. I work really well with [the Others and] all the actors on Lost. Most of us have worked together consistently for almost three years now, so in some ways we are like a family. The new cast has been a great addition as well. I couldn’t ask for better coworkers.
EL: It’s cool and crazy the way that the Others were trying to break Jack and invite him to be one of them, that was fascinating. The fact that Ben is so clever about the way he goes about it and he ends up having his hand forced shows his humanity. The Others – they might seem like monsters, but they are human beings, emotions and histories as well. It’s meant a lot to me because the show is not departing from its original message.

Q: The season three side of Kate and Sawyer’s relationship has seen them go to places they haven’t been to before: the highs, the lows, and everything in between. How has that been to develop as actors?
JH: Evangeline is great and we work really well together. We have a great way of bringing the most out of each other’s performance.
EL: Josh and I desperately wanted to make sure that this story was told properly. We didn’t want it be a cliché and we represented the truth of the love behind the characters rather than just the lust or the passion and I think being vulnerable with one another had a big hand in that.

Q: What do you think it is about Kate and Sawyer that gives them that spark?
EL: Sawyer’s always seen through [the persona] she’s presented to the group and he’s gotten right to the nitty-gritty of who she really is. There are no secrets or pretenses between these two people. The fact that he loves her knowing all of her crap is one of the main reasons why she loves him.
JH: Sawyer recognized that being in love puts him in a very vulnerable state. It will be very natural for Sawyer to fight his vulnerability and somehow succeed to screw up, in one way or another, and be on his own again very soon. As a character, it’s hard to see Sawyer being in a relationship where he isn’t wearing the pants, if you know what I mean.
EL: I don’t think Kate is actually in love with Sawyer. She sees Sawyer’s beautiful, pure clean love for her and that makes her love him. I think her love for him comes from the place of “you are the first man to see me as me and love me anyway.”

Q: Love being the complex thing it is, what’s your take, Evangeline, on Kate’s emotions for Jack?
EL: I’m starting to see, very clearly, that the difference between her love for Jack and for Sawyer is: she loves Jack even though he can’t seem to love her for who she is. She loves who Jack is, and she loves Sawyer because he loves her for who she is… but Kate doesn’t actually love who Sawyer is. She is hoping and wishing that Sawyer will be something else – to be more noble, but he never expects that from her. It’s really beautiful and tragic, because Kate loves the wrong guy. She loves the guy that doesn’t really love her, and isn’t that so true of how we often are in reality?

Q: Josh, what do you think has made Sawyer the way he is?
JH: The lack of trust and security in his young life, and the fact that he never had a normal childhood has led to a very volatile, untrustworthy adult Sawyer. You can never guess what his next move – or for a lack of better word, screw-up – will be. Remember in season two, when Sawyer finally started to show his humanity and people started to warm up to him? What did he do next? He stole all the guns and sort of went back to where he started – on top of the list of the most hated. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do, but Sawyer operates a lot from a place of insecurities and fear, especially when he feels vulnerable or threatened in any way.

Q: What else about Sawyer’s past are you chomping at the bit to see explained or explored in another flashback?
JH: In one of the past episodes, Outlaws, there was this character, Hibbs [played by Robert Patrick] who had a dark history with Sawyer. I’d love to explore what really happened between them in the past that soured their relationship.

Q: How would you both sum up the Kate/Jack/Sawyer conundrum?
EL: Well, I think Kate and Sawyer tend to behave like flirting teenagers, picking on each other. For the first time [in this season], because the stakes are way higher than before, it forces them to grow up and face the reality of what is beneath it all. Kate is a very compassionate and caring person and she’s able to detach herself from interactions at her surface, but in her core she always cares too much. The fact that it’s Jack only ups the ante. Instead of making her turn to her survival instinct and find a way to get him, she abandons reason because it’s Jack. She isn’t able to see the sky from the ground and she can’t work out the best way to go and get him. She’s only in instinctual mode with “must go back, must go back, must go back” at any cost. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right way or the wrong way – she just has to go back to satisfy the guilt for leaving one of the men she loves behind. I say one of the men, because I don’t believe her love for Jack negates the fact that she loves Sawyer, just in a different way. The fact that she faces Sawyer day-in-day-out is a reminder that she loves two men, and it’s killing her. The fact that she can’t control the fact that she loves both of them is going to drive her crazy.
JH: As I’ve always said, Sawyer is fun to spend a crazy weekend with; however, Jack is a keeper. As the saying goes: it ain’t over till it’s over.
EL: Maybe what she feels for Jack is more pure and more right, but it’s just not ready yet. Maybe eventually, in the future, he will see her for her and still love her, but there is part of me that wonders where this story will go. Will she eventually stop fighting Sawyer and his instinct to be an Alpha male? The whole notion of “every man for himself” goes back to the beginning of mankind, and maybe she will stop fighting that and allow him to be himself and still love him? Or maybe, eventually, Jack will stop fighting Kate’s nature. At this point it could go either way…

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